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Friday, February 7, 2014

Stratocaster Building (2)

First, its catch-up time:

I took my player strat, (which I had bought to replace my two old strats that got sold off to buy food because the government was bankrupting me), and had previously installed a Floyd Rose tremolo (after butchering the body a bit to fit the thing in).

I also added a pickguard to accomodate 2 Humbucking pickups and ended up with two Zebras and a Blue Lace Sensor for the middle.

I wasn't happy with either the sound, playability or bridge, and I felt like building something new, so I stripped it apart again.

I got another new body (without hacks) and reinstalled a set of Mexican pickups on that, and put the neck on.  Voila!  A great guitar, but nothing special, as there were no humbuckings and no Lace Sensor, and just the standard tremolo, pickguard, and a made in Indonesia (2004) neck.

Well, I watched someone else pick up a fantastic guitar (Bullseye Les Paul) and re-sell it for $1,500, (Can) and ding!  It hit me that there were far more people playing and buying guitars than buying hi-fi audio gear.  I should make some guitars and sell them.

Well, I assembled two guitars as an experiment, purchasing another body and Indonesian neck on Ebay (Tm), and I had some fun putting in pickups and etc., but unfortunately, strapped for cash, I had to let them go cheap to the local pawn shop for $100 each, and lost money, whilst paying off bills.

Here is some pics of the first adventure:

Guitar 1:  re-built from my old Indo-strat:

Guitar 2:  Quick Fun Build

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