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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Live PA Monitors from MAX Professional! WOW

I'm so excited about these new PA speakers!

One of the perenial problems with smaller live gigs in bars, coffee shops, churches, pizza places and community centers is vocal sound quality.

Typically, the sound systems are old, crappy, old-technology, rentals, abused, set up wrong, and the equipment is worn out or damaged from mishandling and careless use.

Even careful EQing, volume adjustments, positioning, and training singers and speakers often results in a final sound that is depressingly poor, leaving the performer sounding like they have cotton in their cheeks, and a horrible lisp.

Two of the key weak points in the sound chain are the microphones (and channel inputs), and the PA speaker system.

Frank Fabian , the chief designer behind the MAX Professional line of speaker and sound products, was well aware of the problem of providing the highest quality sound reproduction through the speaker system, at adequate volumes and modest and attainable price points.

One of these brilliant designs is the pair of speakers I have taken on now as my main workhorse for live PA sound for local gigs in coffee shops, churches and bars.

These speakers are phenomenal in sound!

 They come with 12" drivers custom designed for the MAX Professional line,
with incredible power handling and a deep flat range that allows these units to be used alone with vocals and acoustic instruments (including upright basses!) and also in combination with a suitable subwoofer system for active crossover configurations.

One of the most important components is the ultra-low distortion horn driver, which has a sparkling clarity that is jaw-dropping at all volume levels.
These cabinets perform with a clarity that is astounding.

Of special interest is how complimentary they are in combination with superior microphones and a good solid professional board, such as the Soundcraft series.
These mixing boards can deliver a stunning sound on their own, but can only truly shine their best with a speaker system capable of revealing the rich detail and lustre of the Soundcraft input channels and front end.

We are doubly floored by the combination of this mixer / speaker configuration with Frank Fabian's professional series microphones, which feature larger, more robust capsules and a sensitivity and flatness that is astounding in its own right.

I should mention some other great and practical features:

Pole-stand mounts on the bottom so they can be placed at appropriate heights in any situation.
Locking phone-jack inputs, which prevent accidental unplugging of speaker cables, and
SpeakOn connectors as well! so a variety of cables can be used.

These speakers easily handle 350 watts per cabinet of pure sound joy.

I'll be reviewing Frank Fabian's microphones in a future article!

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