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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kenwood JL-545 (3): Midrange Shuffle

 "Inductor" helpfully posted this:

Relating to the Mid.
MAX PR0411M8
Looks like a serious pro product from MAX/MaxSpeakers, Max Fidelity, Max Professional.
Home Page

with real SPL data (98/99dB), impedance curve not available but could have Fs around 100/150 Hz as from looking at the output graph. So a 300/400 Hz xover point is more than adequate (second order).
It seems to have been superseded by this NEO.

 Thanks for the links.
Yep the midrange is one of Fabian's creations.

I still think it won't really do the whole upper for me,
and needs a tweeter to round it out at the top.

I could still use a good blueprint for a 3rd order,
3-way crossover (8 ohm),
that crosses at 400-800 on the low and 2000-3000 on the high.

I can fine-tune it later with a zobel etc. when I nail down the woofer. Well, I have agreed that the 200 watt midrange is probably an over-match here.

So I cannibalized the Hitachi's for the Tweeter and mid,
and I pulled out the big big mids to use with the free 12" woofers I found in the garage (more later).

The four new drivers cost me about $7 each ($30 for the Hitachi's as-is).

For reference,

here is a comparison of the Hitachi mid and the original Kenwood mid.
You can see the Hitachi is much bigger and better:

Now the Kenwood is near-perfect in balance and sound.
I was actually surprised at the bigness and clarity of the new combination:

Tweeters: Hitachi ferrofluid cooled

Mids: Hitachi semi-closed back midrange

Woofs: Original Kenwood with ceramic cancellation rings.
Right now I've just screwed the mid on the front, because its oversize:
I'm going to recut the hole later. I just wanted to hear them.


 Well I have no way to quantify the change,
but it sounds much better than it did.
Boominess is gone, lots of bass,
Now at certain volumes I'm thinking the mid is too loud,
but this may be just being used to scooped out emphasized bass/treble rigs.

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