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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ultralinear Guitar Amp (9): Tube Holes!


Starting to prep the Chassis!

Here's the latest pics of the build:

These hole-punches are a lifesaver.
They pay for themselves with their first use.
Make sure you use cutting-oil and regular oil on the threads, to keep them sharp.

For accurate hole-placement, small pilot-holes are drilled, then a 3/8" hole for the bolt of the hole-punch.
A half-dozen turns and the piece snaps out, leaving a perfect, finished hole.

Even if this project is a flop, nothing beats watching the son actually perform useful work!
- and he's gained experience with a new tool, the hole-punch.

Holes for the mounting bolts are also marked and drilled.

Really nothing should be mounted until the transformers are drilled and bolted on,
but its hard to resist the fun of pre-assembly and a first look:

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